As part of HOPE’s activities, the members had visited Nava Jeevan Bala Bhavan located at bavajipeta in Vijayawada. Nava Jeevan Bala Bhavan is an organization which consists of several students perusing tenth, B.Tech ,ITI,MLT,Inter.
From an old saying, Knowledge is divine and it has no bounds. So, we the members of HOPE are trying to help these students in reaching the divine. On the first day(Friday) of this event, classes on English and Maths were taught for the students for 2hours. The motive here is to help the students who wanted a right path in achieving their goals in a better way.
On the second day(Saturday), C and C++ concepts were explained to the B.Tech students keeping in concern the present IT job scenario for 2 hours. On the third day(sunday), we helped an intermediate student in understanding the concepts of intermediate English who could not pass the exam for 2 consecutive years and also aptitude necessary for campus drives were taught to the B.Tech students for 8 hours. This is going to continued forever and we hope that we had reached our first goal of educating students who are facing a problem.
We need students irrespective of their branch and year.We appreciate the help from ECM final year students who have been teaching software courses.So,Lets be the part of our noble cause and help the world .As we came to know that there are 1900 children who need this kind of help.Atleast lets reduce a small amount of number from now.Apart from these, we have helped a student of this organization in obtaining Job training at MLTE .
If anyone who wants to be a part of this can contact  Sasidhar Reddy(y7ec295) or by mail

Date : 15-02-2011
The old clothes which we had collected from our students are distributed to the people who were affected with HIV POSITIVE at the Anganwadi center, Prakashnagar, Vijayawada. A Group of 15 students had set out from ECE with all the clothes collected from last 1 month. A large number of patients including poor women and children gathered there. Interacting with those people revealed many problems such as difficulties in running the center, and problems faced by AIDS patients including discrimination for no fault of theirs, which usually extended to their children also.

The main problems they are facing are:
1. unable to supply proper nutrition to HIV affected children in a HOSTEL(as they affected with AIDS ,there are not taken care by any other hostels except one)
2. Unable to supply notebooks, pencils, pens for these children(Govt. is sending textbooks but they are not sending notebooks)
3. No proper clothing to the women and their children.

As part of its continuous efforts to help people and to make them live with dignity KLU HOPE requests generous donations not in the form of money, just by donating old clothes and used notebooks, pencils and pens. since, due to the existing inflation and the associated economic difficulties, as they have run out of money to even buy above items. We hope you will help us to make a difference in someone’s life, and help them live with honor and dignity.

In next 2 weeks we are determined to collect the old clothes and used notebooks, pencils, pens and distribute them.Anyone who wish to give us suggestions regarding this can mail to MAIL We are thankful if you write to us about how can we offer services to these people in any other way than this but not in the form of collecting money.

Thanks to Dr.Habibulla khan (HOD) , CH.Pranob (ASSOC prof ) , subha gora ( css dept)  for their motivation and support.


People really enjoy the beauty of the world when they let others to see through their eyes. As a part of HOPE, members of this social service wing interacted with the children at DakshayaniBlind School,Guntur. Games such as musical chairs and cricket were conducted to cheer them.It is not the sympathy that is required but motivation and helping hands are the ones needed to able them to feel one among us.This interaction with them will be continual by this team of ten members on every first Sunday of the month for motivating them and to make them forget that they are not alone in this world. Thanks to RVRJC SICO team who played a key role in helping us to find this organization.Physically challenged children are not sick or gross. They only want what we all want, to be accepted and this is what we are doing.Though they have all the resources but they lack the interacting hands ,we feel that we are going fill apart of their loneliness.

Members of this team:
lakshmi narayana-----sec C(2nd yr)
chaitra bharathi-----sec E(2nd yr)
jhansi changamreddy-----secE(2nd yr)
pooja-----sec E(2nd yr)
ramya teja-----sec E(2nd yr)
gouthami-----sec A(2nd yr)
prudhvi -----sec C(2nd yr)
Bikki manasa -----sec C(2nd yr)
chiranjeevi-----(4th yr)
Sasidhar-----(4th yr)


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